Thursday, May 10, 2012

Summer Reading List

Computer-generated 'personal recommendations' might be my most favorite thing.  Like when Netflix uses my recent searches to suggest other movies I might like?  Or that time my DVR ghost-recorded a movie based on my assumed interests?

It was, therefore, with great excitement that I recently received an email from Amazon with the subject line, "Top Summer Reading Picks for Carrie."

And, I'll admit, I was right there with them all the way through "Psychological Thrillers."  But then we got to "Grilling," and things seemed to go off the rails...

My main conclusion is: evidently, I will never, ever be able to remove myself from the list of individuals who bought the entire Twilight series on the internet.


  1. Hilary Mantel's out of place on this list. She's won the Booker Prize for Wolf Hall.

  2. btw, when are you starting the 80s/90s tween reads book club?

    1. You have just uttered the sweetest words ever -- name a time and day, and I will be there with Beverly Cleary and Lois Lowry in tow :)