Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Netflix: Top Picks for Carrie

Title: "Kicking It"

Plot: This touching documentary follows six homeless soccer players battling poverty and addiction as they prepare to compete in the Homeless World Cup.

Selected for you because: you periodically YouTube-search "Army dad home from Iraq surprises kids at school!"  And you promise yourself you won't cry.  And then you cry.

Title: "Shake it Up"

Plot: When high-spirited CeCe Jones and sweet-natured Rocky Blue land roles as backup dancers on a local TV show, they juggle rising stardom, schoolwork and distracting brothers, while a twin-sibling dancing team keeps them on their toes in the studio.

Selected for you because: you pretend like you're surprised when people ask you when the season finale of Dance Moms is on, because you're all like "How would I know that?"  But your DVR is already set for September 28.

Title: "Lost in Austen"

Plot: After a dispute with her boyfriend, Amanda lands in the 19th-century world of author Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.

Selected for you because: you will be single forever.

Title: "Chasing the Kidney Stone"

Plot: When his grandfather comes down with a mysterious ailment, a boy shrinks himself and embarks on an odyssey through the old man's body.

Selected for you because: see number 3

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  1. You know, I thought you had made up these movies, until #3, which is in my queue. Also, netflix is always recommending movies in the LGBT genre for me, because I think netflix is under the impression that I am a gay man. Of course, I love all the movies they recommend, so I guess I'm not setting the record straight. (Jen D)