Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mom's Suitcase Rejects

I'm back from North Carolina! (Did you miss me?)  I had a really great weekend, full of reunions with long-lost family members and ill-advised interstate meals -- everything that a good road trip should be.  Oh, and I got to hang out with my parents before they headed back home.

Which brings me to my favorite part of the weekend.

You know, that part where your mom needs to keep her suitcase under 50 pounds, but buys lots of stuff and ends up leaving you with travel-sized bottles of products you don't even use regular-sized bottles of?...

Mom's Suitcase Rejects

- A full package of the new (terrible) Oreo flavor, "Rainbow Sherbet," because she 'just wanted to try one!'

- The diffuser attachment to her new hair dryer, but not the actual hair dryer itself

- A gallon-sized Ziploc with half-eaten bags of airplane pretzels

- Speaking of airplanes -- a thin, red fleece blanket I can only assume was 'borrowed' from the Delta Corporation

- Two hotel-ice-bucket-bags full of travel-sized toiletries, including several un-labeled concoctions with the consistency of sunscreen

- Five bananas in varying stages of decay

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