Monday, June 11, 2012

Father's Day Cards Available at My Local CVS

I'll admit that, when shopping for greeting cards, I usually breeze right past the sentimental ones, and move straight to the "humorous" section.  Because, honestly, who needs all those words?  And poems?  Like, real, serious, meaningful poems?  No, I'm looking for a 10 word maximum, along with either cartoon characters or sound clips.

It was with this means-tested methodology that I found myself browsing for a Father's Day card today.

Maybe I put more thought into the card selection process this year.  Or maybe I just had more time on my hands?  In any case, I started noticing some interesting trends.  And, with that, I give you my (very scientific) tally of this year's selection of Father's Day cards...

Father's Day Cards Available at My Local CVS
5 cards about farting
3 cards about grilling
4 cards with either Homer Simpson, Bart Simpson, or (the holy grail) -- both
6 cards referencing napping
2 cards about Dads making cereal for dinner
8 cards about golfing
4 cards about beer, including one with a 3-dimensional beer stein
3 cards with pictures of donkeys making 'ass' jokes

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