Thursday, November 3, 2011

Emotional Calorie Counter

Managing your weight can be hard work.  You have to pay attention to every little detail -- like, did I just eat four or five hand-fulls of that "candy corn salted nut roll mix"?

Part of managing weight, of course, is monitoring caloric intake.  However, if you're like me, you get frustrated by all the websites out there that seem to have different calorie counts for the same foods, making it hard to determine the 'right' answer.  It can also be difficult to balance healthy eating and weight management with our emotional well-being, which as we've seen before, are intrinsically linked.

With these things in mind, I've compiled a partial list of feelings, along with rough estimates of their caloric values, which I hope can serve as a useful reference point...

Emotional Calorie Counter

Feeling: Mild Existential Crisis
Value: 1,295 calories
Detailed Breakout:
-- A hearty, balanced breakfast of fruit and cereal: 300 calories
-- What am I doing with my life, I'm so bored and nothing even looks appetizing: 0 calories
-- A full log of herb chèvre, paired with an entire sleeve of Club crackers: 1060 calories
-- Regret, followed by riding the recumbent stationary bike for 19 minutes at 0% incline: -65 calories

Feeling: Stressed OUT
Value: 2,253 calories
Detailed Breakout: 
-- Are you kidding me with this "working late" crap?!: -20 calories
-- Getting home at 9pm, changing from disheveled business casual into workout clothes: -2 calories
-- Not actually working out: 0 calories
-- Eating everything in the freezer: 2,400 calories

Feeling: Everyone is Getting Married and Having Babies Except for Me!!
Value: 4,823 calories
Detailed Breakout: 
-- Homemade White Wine Spritzer, with equal parts White Wine and sparkling water: 45 calories
-- You know what, make that two: 45 calories
-- Laugh-crying while watching videos on -7 calories
-- Screw this busted spritzer, where's that Bacardi I just bought?: 190 calories
-- "Scotcheroos sound really, really awesome right now": 450 calories
-- Deciding to bring some Scotcheroos into work tomorrow: 0 calories
-- DID I EAT THAT ENTIRE PAN OF SCOTCHEROOS?!  Those things are like 90% corn syrup!!: 4,100 calories


  1. Oh sweet jesus... I love this!! We are meant for each other! Are you aware of that?!

    Yeaaaa over the weekend I was like WOW I'm really overwhelmed with work and the house and other stuff outside of work... I think I'm just going to eat this box of Tagalongs. NOT AN EXAGERRATION I ATE A BOX OF TAGALONGS IN THE SPAN OF LIKE 3 HOURS.

  2. I am agree with Sarah Great ideas.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

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  3. Oh Carrie--ever since you posted on my blog site how you love the candy corn/peanut concoction I knew we had a connection. However, I am still eating the candy corn concoction cuz I bought like extra to make a double (triple) batch. I have been laughing outloud reading these entries. I am wondering if I might make some of that puppy chow stuff now--you know it's kind of healthy with the wheatchex--and the powdered sugar doesn't really count. I would call it puppy ciao though as that sounds more sophisticated. Thanks for linking up the blog! I'm enjoying reading yours!