Friday, March 23, 2012

Recent [Text] Conversations with my Mom

My mom learned to text message about a year ago, and we're really taking things one day at a time...

Recent [Text] Conversations with my Mom

mom: Dads havingore acupuncture toorrow...He think, call u late, s it helped!  I'm not sure yet.. I'm in pool.

mom: I'm going to the outlet mall today, do you need anything?
me: Actually, I really need a pair of boots to wear to work.
mom: Ok, I'll look!  What size, etc?
me: size 10, black, flat.
[4 hours pass]
mom: I'm back!  I bought you Whitney Houston's Greatest hits double CD.  No boots.

mom [in a group photo text]: look at our new bedspread!
brother: where is that?
me: where is what?
brother: I don't know, Mom just sent me a picture of a flower print comforter.

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