Monday, November 7, 2011

Recent Topics of Conversation with My Mother

My mom and I talk almost every day on the phone.  It usually goes like this:

me: hi!
mom: hi.
me: what's up?
mom: not much.  what's up with you?
me: ohhh nothing.

Followed by a recap of the latest issues and events.  I've taken the liberty of tracking the most recent subjects that we've touched upon, to serve as a valuable historical record for future generations.

Recent Topics of Conversation with My Mother

1. Did you see the Bed Bath and Beyond coupon in today's paper??  Those things never expire!

2. Carrie, I know fresh produce doesn't last long, but that's not a reason to stop buying it.

3. Oh yeah?  You and Dad went to hear a live band with friends last night?  No, I stayed in and watched season 1 of Downton Abbey again.

4. OMG, I KNOW!  Lacey and Chaz totally deserved to stay another week!!

5. Mom, just because I've made Scotcheroos the last few weeks doesn't mean I plan to make them every week.

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