Sunday, November 20, 2011

Carrie's Record Book

I'm a football fan.  But please, let's just keep this between us.  I prefer to let people think that I have no interests outside of reality television whatsoever.

One thing I particularly love about football is the thrill of breaking 'records.'  Like this one, from last week's Denver Broncos win against the New York Jets...

"Tim Tebow had the longest game-winning touchdown, run by a quarterback, in the final minute of the 4th quarter, in NFL history"

I didn't realize records could be so incredibly specific!  Based on this standard, every day of my life has record-breaking potential!  Below are some of my most recent accomplishments...

Carrie's Record Book
Most consecutive days spent trying to convince the lady at Starbucks to re-stock the 31-ounce, 'trenta-sized' coffee cups, while simultaneously purchasing a 20-ounce Diet Mountain Dew

Longest distance traveled, on foot, to watch the fourth Twilight movie, at 7pm on a Friday night

Smallest proportion of correctly-spelled words in an email, even after looking almost everything up on

Shortest amount of time between telling oneself to eat healthier and buying a 'party size' bag of pretzel-cheddar Combos

Highest t-shirt-to-blouse ratio of any wardrobe of a 27-year-old with a job and a Masters degree

Largest amount of puppy chow consumed in a single-sitting, on a faux leather couch, while watching a marathon of TLC's Sister Wives

Most time spent deciding between Advil PM and liquid melatonin to maintain a consistent, 10:00pm bedtime on 'school nights'

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