Friday, November 18, 2011

Words with Co-Workers

me: I just went to the cafeteria for a banana.  While I was down there, I decided to get a muffin.  When I got back upstairs, I realized I only remembered the muffin.

E: Hey, it happens!  Just as long as it doesn't change our FroYo plans.

me: Um, no.  In fact, it probably makes my resolve to eat FroYo even stronger.  Also: I'm joining the work gym

E: omg. what happened??

me: I just feel gross, and guilty for not working out ever.  The mysterious way that every single pair of my jeans seems to be shrinking doesn't help.

E: You know what's annoying?  Living with someone who eats literally whatever he wants, and is a stick.

me: Guys are so lucky.

E: Yeah, the days that I don't bring lunch, I always get a salad.  And he's like "oh, I'm really full - I had a bacon blue cheese burger and a milkshake for lunch."

me: That would be an instant weight gain of 15 pounds for me.

E: And sometimes he buys containers of whole milk at the grocery store just to drink.  JUST TO DRINK.

- Guys are so lucky.
- Ladies are stuck eating salad forever.

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