Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Submitted without Comment

The top baby names for 2011 were announced this week, and I'm just going to skip over the boring ones (Jacob and Sophia, I'm looking at you) and jump straight to the punchline...

Submitted without Comment: Top Trending Names of 2011

BOYS                                                         GIRLS
1. Brantley                                                  1. Briella
2. Iker                                                         2. Angelique
3. Maximiliano                                             3. Aria
4. Zaiden                                                     4. Mila
5. Kamden                                                  5. Elsie
6. Barrett                                                    6. Nylah
7. Archer                                                    7. Raelynn
8. Declan                                                    8. Brynlee
9. Atticus                                                    9. Olive
10. Nico                                                     10. June

On a related note:


  1. hey I like the name June! Eff you!
    I like the fancy spellings of real names, like Alleighsyn.
    Why didn't Nevaeh make your list?!

  2. Haha -- well June is my favorite from this list for sure. I think the boys names are my favorite. Iker? Zaiden??

  3. I would say the one I empathize with the most is Maximiliano. Can you imagine having to learn to spell that in PreK/Kindergarten? Poor things....

    1. Agreed! I've always called my last name a Kindergarten nightmare, and I think Maximiliano would feel the same way.