Sunday, October 2, 2011

Unique Alternatives to This Year's Most Popular Baby Girl Names

My best friend Alicia is ready to pop - she's due to have a baby girl any day now, and this could not be more perfect for me. I love baby names! I love perusing the baby name list on the Social Security website!  I'm almost positive this, and this alone, is why Alicia and her husband have decided to procreate.

But I don't want this baby girl to have just any old name.  No, she needs a unique name, an exciting name.  A name that will stand both the test of time, and the test of jazz hands.

So, with that, I present to Alicia the best gift I could ever give.  Some fancy, fancy ideas for baby girl's namesake...

Unique Alternatives to This Year's Most Popular Baby Girl Names*

Instead of Lily or Rose, why not try other flower names, such as Bachelor's Button, Jack-in-the-Pulpit, or Lady's Slipper?

Rather than Berkeley, how about giving your little girl a really interesting college-inspired name, like Brandeis, University of Louisiana at Monroe, Indiana (Pennsylvania), or Colorado School of Mines?

Presidential surnames seem to be popular, but why go with Madison, Reagan, or Kennedy when you could choose Bush, Harrison, or Arthur?

Or better yet!  To make this child really unique, misspell that presidential surname!  But not in a predictable way, like Madyson, Raegan, or Kennedi.  In a more unique way - like Boosh, Harry-son, or R-thur!

Ever dreamed of having a little Southern belle like Charlotte or Savannah?  Gosh, there are hundreds of Southern cities and towns you could pick instead!  How about Gastonia, Willacoochee, Lake Purdy, or Half Moon?

Jasmine is a lovely name, derived from a genus of shrub.  But you know what's more lovely?  A name derived from a unique genus of shrub!  I can guarantee that no one else on the playground will answer to the name of Spanish Broom, Witch-hazel, Bladder Senna, or Milkwort!

Exotic is in!  Thousands of parents are giving their little girls names like London or Paris.  With over 200 world capitals, though, it would be a shame not to use something truly exotic.  Try Ouagadougou, Djibouti, or Mexico City instead!

Wordplay is fun, so it's natural that Hannah is a fan favorite.  Trust me, though.  Your little girl will really appreciate having a palindrome name like Wow, 2002, Detartrated, or Racecar.

* Yes, every single one of these names was a top 500 baby girl name in 2010.  Yes, I'm sure!  Yes, even "Madyson."

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