Thursday, April 19, 2012

Weather Forecasts for the Modern, Single Lady

I recently bought some coconut oil.  Mostly because I have friends who are "adults" and "cook meals," and sort of unknowingly brainwashed me into thinking I needed to buy some coconut oil.

Well, it's been about three months, and I still have no idea what to do with coconut oil.  Particularly since it has this crazy property where it changes from liquid to solid, back to liquid again, depending on the temperature.  THE TEMPERATURE.

So I put the jar of coconut oil on my window sill.  I was running out of room in my cupboard, and it just seemed right.  After a few days I noticed that, if I kept my window open, the jar would conveniently alert me to the current outdoor climes.

You probably see where this is going.

Because, you know me well enough to guess that I don't check the weather report each day.  No, that requires forethought.  And free time -- and, let's just be honest, I'm a little busy now that the new Dance Moms spin-off, "Dance Moms: Miami" has begun.

However, I am tired of walking outside and realizing that I'm dressed inappropriately.  Or thinking it's 'wet-hair-to-work' season when we're actually still in 'tights-under-skirt-to-work' season.  So, with that, I give you...

Weather Forecasts for the Modern, Single Lady

On Monday it was a blistering completely liquefied coconut oil day!  My hair was actually frizzy -- which is unacceptable. It's still April, I should have at least five more weeks before I look like Roseanne Roseannadanna.

By Tuesday, it had cooled to a mere murky, clumpy coconut oil day.  Which is probably my favorite weather -- not yet completely liquefied, but also not totally solid.

But, by some strange weather quirk, on Wednesday it was back to a more seasonally appropriate totally solid coconut oil day.  Which makes me feel a little better about global warming.  Ok, my hair.  It mostly makes me feel better about my hair.


  1. Just discovered this blog on DC Blogs and, oh man, I needed a laugh and I sure got one. I might just buy some coconut oil because of you.

  2. Well just remember to keep the oil on your window sill, and not in your cupboard where you would use it for "cooking."