Monday, April 2, 2012

Things I Learned in Colonial Williamsburg

I visited Colonial Williamsburg over the weekend.  In addition to answering the follow-up question of "Oh God, why?" from everyone I've told, I have spent the majority of today reflecting on the valuable lessons I learned during my trip...

Things I Learned in Colonial Williamsburg

They retired Felicity!

Apparently, taking pictures of other people's children in period costumes is considered "inappropriate"

If I'm ever on the show "Hoarders," it will be, in large part, due to my collection of souvenir koozies

A silent 'e' can (nay, should!) be added to the end of every word

Relatedly, everything tastes better when it comes from an Olde Tyme Shoppe

My new least favorite accent is "Southerner impersonating Colonial-era Irish immigrant"

Colonial Williamsburg is: having a little boy in a tiny tricorne hat point a wooden toy gun at you from his stroller

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  1. Your comments about Colonial Williamsburg are spot on. I was also there recently and everything really does taste better from an Old Tyme Shoppe. I will have to get back there again soon just for that.